Global March Against Monsanto



Saturday, May 25, 2013 from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Eastern Market
2910 Russell St
Detroit, MI 48207

Meeting at the GAZEBO north of Alfred St and Shed 5

We are 1 week away from taking the streets and standing up against a morally corrupt corporation that thinks it is above the Laws of Nature and is using its power to influence our democracy. We the People will march and rally in Detroit as a part of a global day of action to make our voice heard among the global cry for justice!


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Costume & Sign-making Party May 21 from 5-8pm
BEE busy … we’re putting together a presentation!

Actions around the world are being organized in protest of Monsanto. You can see hundreds of activities through these websites:

MONSANTO is the world’s largest developer of Genetically Engineered crops and Genetically Modified Organisms. Their heavy handed reign of our food industry has put the world at its knees and sadly many people still don’t know who this corporate behemoth is.

Have you ever eaten food that you found didn’t have the taste you remember from the past… it is just kind of bland, yet the food LOOKS good, actually VERY GOOD LOOKING. But it is empty of flavor, and nutrients as well. Monsanto has developed crops that grow fast, event when the herbicide ROUNDUP is sprayed on them. Yes – these specially modified seeds can grow even when poisoned!

Many of these crops if left to bear seed result in sterile seeds, known in the industry as terminator technology. This forces the grower to buy new seeds each season rather than work in a traditional manner that would have one season’s crops create the seed for the next. Thousand

s of thousands of farmers who followed traditional methods were convinced to buy into Monsanto’s seeds unwittingly destroying their farmlands, and economy for planting from season to season. Biotech Cotton in India in 2005 was blamed for what has been termed the “Seeds of Suicide”, claiming thousands of lives of frustrated, bankrupt farmers.

There are many sources of information about Monsanto, which will be post on the wall and added as links at the bottom of this event description. We encourage the community to share information with each other!

News Bits
March 27 2013 – ‘Monsanto Protection Act’: 5 Terrifying Things To Know About The HR 933 Provision

3 Minute Video on Why We March:

The World According to Monsanto

March Against Monsanto

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