Representative Democracy & The Government Shutdown

Google national parks

For anyone that uses Google today you’ll see that they are commemorating the 123rd anniversary of Yosemite National Park. Ironically and I think intentionally, this highlights the sorry fact that for anyone wanting to visit one of the over 400 national parks and museums today, they are all closed today and will be as long as this self-imposed gov. shut-down continues. Same goes for our food inspections, the EPA will shut down almost entirely, and 800,000 federal “non-essential” employees will get sent home without pay. The reason? Because we don’t have a separation of corporation and state in our government and a few radicals in the house and senate are doing the bidding of big business. Our “representatives” give billions in tax breaks each year to big oil as they cut funding for food programs and after school programs for kids. “Our representatives” decide that it’s ok to be the only country in the developed world to not to label GMO foods because it’s bad for business. “Our representatives” attack programs that help people afford to be able to go to their doctor(Obama Care) so we can maximize profits for the pharmaceutical and private healthcare companies.

Members of congress are letting ideology and their obstructionist agenda that boils down to, “let’s oppose everything the black president is in favor of” get in the way of them actually representing the people they were elected to serve. The systems that allows unlimited funding to get dumped into our political process and election cycle(Citizens United) results in manipulative fear mongering media that results in the majority of people being duped into voting for politicians and measures that will never actually represent their interests. This is one example of what “we the people” get when we get lulled asleep by our comforts and let what we see on TV dictate how we think, what we care about, and who we allow to represent our interests.

What happened to service? What happened to democracy and a gov. of the people, by the people, for the people? It’s going to take a lot more people making the conscious choice to think for themselves and turning to one another instead of turning on the TV, if we are going to fix the systemic issues plaguing our country and planet.


One thought on “Representative Democracy & The Government Shutdown

  1. This is great!

    We stopped for directions today and a Canadian realizing I was American awsked me if I realized the world is laughing at the US. How pitiful.

    Canada is far advanced to US in environmental affairs. restaurants al have compost, recyclables and trash. There are many more wind generators. Found a new thing about wind. They have to shut down at certain times of the day when the sun shines a certain way  and they are near habitation. It makes people sick when they see the blink blink blink of the propellers flashing in the sun.

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